Crawford Twins

Whilst showing horses over the many years we have been very blessed to Own, Train, Produce, and Ridden some Outstanding Horses.

  • Taking out Numerous Titles @ Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane Royal Shows
  • Numerous Horse of the Year Wins
  • Multiple Grand National and National Titles

How It All Started:

Our parents couldn’t afford for us to have or to buy us horses, so with our imaginations we created our own way of riding with imaginary horses called ‘Towy’ & ‘Gowy’ wherever we went ‘Towy’ and ‘Gowy’ always came with us. In pairs in perfect step (walk, trot, extended trot, canter, flying changes) downtown shopping with our parents our imaginary horses went everywhere.

We then started riding when we were 9yrs and showing when we were 12 years and much later on we have also enjoyed our share in judging nationally and internationally

A few of the amazing (‘Real’) horses we have either Owned, Produced or Ridden for others have been

  • Furzey Catman
  • Beaufort Heiress
  • Highcroft Minuet  
  • Rotherwood Matinee
  • Robbanie Chart Topper
  • Swanreach, Anthem
  • CT Thoroughly Modern
  • Yartarla Park Louis Vuitton
  • Braeburn Oscar De La Renta
  • Bayview Crown Prince
  • Bayview Midnight Jazz
  • Rosworth Mary Poppins
  • Neverland
  • Colbeach Simone
  • The Riddler
  • Oakridge Collections
  • CT Modern Man
  • CT Oasis Sunrise
  • Swanreach Orchestra
  • LJS Passion Pop
  • Nottingham Love Song                


It’s such a joy to be able to show together as a team. Always looking out for each other and striving to make every horse in our stables as magnificent as it can be. Over the past 10 years Trina has been dedicated to studying and treating muscle manipulation and physio (most study in the United States) working on horse’s muscles and wellbeing. This makes for a nice treat to our own show team. Whilst in the United States (on and off over the past 13 years) Trina has had the opportunity to be very involved with the cutting horse world based out of Texas, a great opportunity and experience.

We ‘Crawford Twins’ always aim to look Smart, Professional and Sophisticated and being sponsored by NVS is an amazing opportunity to always stay right on trend. Thank you so much Rebecca for the opportunity to come on board.