About NVS Equine Attire

NVS Equine Attire is a newly formed business by co-directors, Rebecca  and Tony Crane. Our main focus is to bring the best quality equine products and rider apparel to our customers, at the most affordable price, while providing the highest standards of integrity and customer service. We work hard to source high quality products from a select group of suppliers both locally and internationally.

We have both been employed in the front line of customer service and sales throughout our entire careers. As a result of our extensive training we know how important it is to provide the highest quality customer service, something that now comes naturally to us. This is our life, and our next step is to amalgamate our considerable skills with Rebecca’s next greatest passion, horses.

Rebecca has had huge success nationally in both show and dressage arenas since she was 7 years old. Her enthusiasm and competitiveness has carried her to many highlights. As both a social rider and a hot blooded competitor herself, she knows how important it is to make a ‘point of difference’ and leave a lasting impression on the judges.  She knows that great looking clothes and equine products not only make a competitor look great, but also feel great, giving increased confidence that can certainly translate into improved performance. This could make all the difference in the eyes of the judge in such a highly competitive environment.We at NVS Equine are continually researching and seeking out exciting new products to bring to our ever growing customer base of new friends because this is our passion. Prices are constantly being reviewed and compared to the market to ensure we are always offering an exciting range of products that represent the best possible value for money.

Rebecca and Tony are eager to assist in any way possible, and are always only an e-mail or phone call away.  Alternatively if you see us at an event please drop by and have a chat, inspect our range of products and we will be only too happy to provide any specific advice you require. We look forward to many future dealings with you and sharing your success in the equine world.